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Landscaping and Landscaper Website Design

As a landscaper, one of our most important forms of visibility is our website. Our website is not only how our clients search and find us, but it represents our brand and the quality of the service our clients will receive before calling to do business with us. Thousands of potential clients go straight to the search engines to look for a landscaper. Your business needs to be one of the options that come up or our clients will go elsewhere.

ViziCreative is a full-service design and maintenance company who will design your business a professional website to voice your brand online. Stand out from the competition without investing all your money on an expensive custom design that will produce less or the same results as our Affordable Website Designs will. We are so confident in our services that we don’t require a contract! Our services are only month to month. Give us a call today for a free consultation on how we can help your business (602) 567-5487.

Landscaping and Landscaper Website Design Examples

Landscaping Websites

What makes a Landscaping Website so effective for conversions? We have spent the last 14 years of learning to figure this question out.

What makes a client want to call and do business with you? How do you get traffic to the website? These are all questions we get all the time and here are all the answers to these questions.

#1 Mobile Friendly Website

Number one on our list of most important aspects to a landscape website design is a mobile friendly website. Why? Well typically about 60% of all searches are done from a mobile device.

If your website is not mobile friendly this will not only make it harder for clients to use your website but your business website will start getting penalized by search engines on the mobile search side. That is a lot of traffic to be possibly losing out on.

#2 Simplicity

One of the most important factors to a converting website in a service-based industry is simplicity.

Having an overly complex website only confuses your clients on where to go and what to do. A clear description of the services you provide on the home page for the clients who want to quickly browse through your website then call is important but also having more detailed pages for the clients who want to read more allows us to cater to everybody.

#3 Speed

Ever been to a slow website? How long was it before you clicked off and went somewhere else.

Statistically, an average visitor will only spend about 10 seconds on a website and visit just under 3 pages. What this means is your website has to load as quickly as possible or the chances of a client leaving or not wanting to do business is very high. Ideally your website should load at under 3 seconds per page.